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An innovative program for establishing emotional resilience by training girls to provide empowering 'girl-to-girl' support for minor distress issues that openly arise on a protected social network for girls.

The program aims to: strengthen the emotional resilience of girls who have experienced distress-inducing events, identify girls in at-risk and emergency situations and connect them to treatment sources in a timely manner, reduce health and education resources by early detection and early response to minor distress issues, and enrich community knowledge by creating a dynamic insights document of the authentic voices of the girls and workshops for treatment and education staff and the girls' parents.

The program has both a frontal component (two-hour meetings) and a digital component (responding to links in the network for healthy growth for girls), group and individual support by a psychologist, continuous connection with authorities, schools, and youth coordinators, and a central motif of accumulated knowledge.

The program includes quantitative and qualitative measurement forms and quantitative milestones for measuring success.

A pilot for the program was conducted in the cities of Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, and Rosh HaAyin, some of which included girls from evacuated families.

Support the network and grow in the 4GIRLS network

Chava Doron Superman

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