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Project Adoption and Fostering

מיזם אימוץ ואומנה - לוגו
מיזם אימוץ ואומנה - לוגו

Strengthening the resilience of adoption and foster families with skills in managing attachment disorder while emphasizing security, closeness and connection, and reducing risky behaviors of the children.

Our expertise is creating a safe connection and reducing extreme events in a short time with a long-term impact.

We are a social enterprise that grew from dealing with the problem of personal distress in families. We guide and experience adoption and foster families, the biological family as well as educational and care staff. We have received national recognition for our extensive activities and the positive results we have achieved in 'saving families'.

Our leading values are security, connection, balance and partnership.

The project focuses on strengthening a safe relationship between parents, teachers and children who have experienced or have been exposed to attachment disorder in one form or another. The approach we have developed successfully also tackles violence including self-harm. Our way gives hope, strength and guidance for transformation away from trauma, stress and crisis towards security, success and prosperity.

We nurture the inner well-being of parents, including practicing mutual emotional regulation. We have managed to bring families back from extreme situations to environments of balance in function and relationship.

Members of the adoption and fostering project
Members of the adoption and fostering project

We establish five anchors: 1. A safe and open community for any issue.

2. A leading body of knowledge that provides practical tools.

3. Group programs for study and emotional support.

4. A unique accompaniment model for the family and the support network to achieve results in a short time.

5. Practical workshops for professionals.

We work in collaboration with neuroscientists, trauma and attachment experts and associations including: Nitzani Tikva, Adoption in the Arab Society and the HaTikvah Project. Our most recent focus is on integrating regulatory technologies as well as creating team training in governmental and local authorities and educational frameworks to align with approaches implemented in other countries. We strive to make Israel an 'attachment' nation.

Founder and CEO: Sharona Dochna, social entrepreneur, single mother of a grown child whom she adopted. The purpose of the project: Connection is the whole story

Phone 0522-941146


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