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Sign Now IO

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The impact company that makes the world more accessible to 90 million deaf people through technology that connects in real time a deaf person with a sign language interpreter through a live video channel.

Sign Now provides accessibility through customer service centers for deaf people—in routine and emergency situations— to organizations such as the Ministry of Health, cellular phone companies, banks, shopping complexes, insurance companies, welfare agencies, local authorities, education and more.

The company also assists the deaf in times of crisis—for example in Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, Africa and India—connecting them from any location at the push of a button with a sign language interpreter that uses video to help them communicate on a call to any phone number in the world and for any need.

Thirdly, Sign Now creates international awareness of the possibilities of accessibility for deaf people by making mega sports and cultural events accessible including the Eurovision Song Contest, the FIFA World Cup and associated events, and more recently the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The startup is managed by a team of made up of deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people as well as interpreters—women and men—from throughout Israeli society and internationally. Sign Now has set itself the goal of producing impact models that, on the one hand, help the deaf in all areas of life and on the other, on the business level to help companies produce the highest level of customer service, comply with the accessibility regulation, demonstrate social responsibility while receiving recognition for it.

Sign Now operates around the world with international partners with the aim of producing a quick and professional impact for every deaf person, from anywhere, at any time and for any need.


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