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מעגל ידיים צבעוני

Empowering Social Innovators and enabling Social Innovations

 קבוצה מגובשת של צעירים מניחים ידים באמצע

Get to know Alumot

At Alumot, we have created a volunteer team and framework to provide a home for social startup ventures in Israel.

We support and enable social innovators that want to start a new venture that helps those on the margins of Israeli society because of physical and mental handicaps or their socio-economic status.

In addition, we support existing social ventures that want to grow their activities in resource development and create new partner collaborations with the expertise and wide network of Alumot volunteers.

Alumot is approved by the Israel Tax Authority as a public entity for the purposes of donations under clause 46 of the Israel Tax Code until 31.12.2023.

Alumot Ventures

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