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Keren Tova Eshayek - named after the late Tova Eshayek

Keren Tova Eshayek - Logo
Keren Tova Eshayek - Logo

A fund to help people in situations of extreme distress

Giving micro or small donations to people who encounter situations of extreme distress.

The late Tova Eshayek was actively gave to others all her life. She frequently quoted her father as saying, "If someone reaches out to you, you will know how to give."

In her quiet manner she saw the ‘transparent people’. For some, she served tea and cookies, after paying a small bill at the supermarket. For others she sought out clothes and household items. In this way, throughout her life, she ‘saw’ hundreds and even thousands of people that others didn’t see, and with whom she shared the kindness of her heart and aimed to help.

Her children chose to commemorate her with a modest support fund that gives a beacon of light for those ‘transparent people’ when they have decided to reach out for help.

The goals of the project

To give assistance to people overwhelmed by situations with which they cannot cope where aggregation of very large numbers of micro- donations can help people extract themselves from what seem hopeless economic crises.

תרומת חלב תינוקות לתינוק יתום ממדגסקר, התינוק וסבתו
Donating baby milk to an orphaned baby from Madagascar, the baby and her grandmother
האם ז"ל
the late mother


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