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Mega OR – From risk to opportunity

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Promotion of youth and young people-at-risk for optimal integration into the community

As part of the program, we accompany all students of the school for at-risk youth, including during their military/national service period and the beginning of their adult citizenship.

The program develops a personalized set of support resources so that each young person receives support suited to their needs.

The program aims to address three key areas:

1. Reducing the dropout rate from all organizations in which they are involved as youth and young people - high school, army or national service and higher studies or professional studies

2. Providing an employment profession suited to their abilities and skills while understanding the importance of building a longer-term, horizon and creating an achievement of success

3. Acquiring tools for optimal integration into society - social norms, closing police and court files, etc.

A significant element of this project is removal of young people from the circle of government social and welfare dependents.


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