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The Aid Fund for Autistic Students

Many educational frameworks—especially those that are aimed at students with low and medium functional ability—lack resources for the development of the student abilities. Examples include: Lack of educational and therapeutic staff; lack of paramedical therapists; lack of means of alternative communication such as iPads, gaze focusing systems and more. For this reason, many schools are reduced to providing just supervision rather than enabling and enhancing the potential inherent in autistic students.

For legislative reasons, the Israeli Ministry of Education places restrictions on the ability of parents to individually finance at their own expense the types of 'extras' required for the students. To overcome this roadblock, the association enables funneling of individual donations in accordance with government regulations to finance the aforementioned 'extras' and allocate resources to the school in coordination with educational staff.

The project is currently in pilot phase and is being implemented at the Even Chen school (a recognized school that is not part of the state school system) in Rosh Ha'Ain.

The purpose of the project

Locating additional budgetary sources for educational institutions focused on treatment and education of autistic children.


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